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Steart Marshes

The Blue Carbon Farming Company is part of the biosphere of the protected salt marshes at Steart in Somerset. Working with the WWT (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust), it's the first time in around 40 years that cattle have been grazed on the salt marshes. This helps promote the lifecycle of the wetlands through sustainable farming of the land which in turn increases insect and birdlife and at the same time trapping more carbon in the ground.

We farm traditional breeds such as Aberdeen Angus and Hereford which feed on some of the most diverse pasture, including samphire and sea aster. As a result this means our beef is some of the healthiest and tastiest you'll ever experience.

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What We Do

We graze traditional beef breeds, Aberdeen Angus and Hereford, in our Sustainable Farming system to Table Collections. The cattle are grazed on the Steart salt marshes in Somerset with the produce being prepared locally by our butcher, meaning you can be sure of the freshness with as small a carbon footprint in our production as possible.

The aim is that we could even be carbon negative by sinking more carbon into the ground than we take away from it.

Farm to Table Box 1 (≈4kg)

Perfect for a Couple

This 4kg pack will see you through date night, burgers with friends, a roast to impress the in-laws and keep you going with a cottage pie through the week.

Farm to table Box 2 (≈7kg)

Great for a Family!

This 7kg pack is great for the family and includes a varied selection of 4 premium grass-fed Steaks, 2 Roasting Joints, 2 packs of Mince Beef, 1 pack of Diced Beef and 6 gluten free hand-made Burgers.

Farm To Table Box 3 (≈10kg)

Monthly Supply

By far our best value, this 10kg Farm To Table Box could be a monthly supply for a whole family depending on how much of a meat lover you are! Click to read more!

Our Farm to Table Collections are a handpicked selections of this, that and the other and are super duper tasty. The cuts are frozen on the day they are prepared to lock in the freshness and nutrients that our natural grass fed cattle are renown for.

NEW BBQ Packs Available!

Blue Carbon Farming

The Blue Carbon Farming Company is a partnership between Matt, Sam and Andy.

They each have their own farming businesses in and around Steart and are committed to the area, living, working and promoting the community not just for the benefit of their businesses but through education with schools, colleges and universities around what the salt marsh wetlands are, the work they do with the WWT and why it is so important.

Client Testimonials

"The variety of different cuts of beef were sublime! The taste was unbelievable and so tender. I definitely will be ordering another box soon."
Larry S
“I don't want to blow smoke up your backside, but I can't ever remember having a better steak!”
Nigel C
"Honestly some of the BEST steaks I've ever had. They don't shrivel up in the pan like shop bought steaks and they taste amazing!"​
Justin K